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SINCA Online auction” 2020年10月18日 「あなたの市場価値を見極めよう。」







 ぜひ自分の隠れた才能、スキルなどをどうポジショニングして売るか、を考えてください。今後With Coronaの時代を生きていく上で、大切な自分のブランディング、ポジショニングになると思います。

2.定員40名。先着により申込を締め切らせて戴きます。 定員に達した場合はご容赦ください。  
3.セッション中の様子を写真・動画で撮影いたします。後日、 セミナーレポート等に活用する可能性があります。 ご了承ください

SINCA online auction to find your value...

“Let us find out what value market will put for your hidden talent/asset. you have”

At our next SINCA session on Sunday, October 18, we will address the question of our own value in broad sense. Now that Covid-19 has disrupted jobs, work style and labor market as we know it, it will be a good time for us to reflect on what we have.

So far, we have been so busy keeping up with the fast-paced world until Covid-19 forced us to spend time to think about the basic issues. What kind of value would my soft skills, experience, talents and assets have in the market?

Instead of “thinking” and “imagining” what we have, let us put what we have on the market to find out what kind of value market will put on it. We will try to do it in the form of auction.

At our next SINCA session. we will provide the place for those who want to check the value of what they have in the market, by letting them offer their service etc. online at SINCA session. We will also welcome those who want to bid for the items they see at the auction.

Now there are many auction sites available through the internet, auction itself needs no further explanation. What SINCA session offers is the market place where seller of items and potential buyers get together virtually. We will inform you of the details, but we will welcome many sellers and buyers. (Sellers could serve as buyers for the items others put on auction.)

This will be a great opportunity for those who have ideas for new job/work to test the market potential of their ideas. For those who want to wait and see, you may find something of value to you at the auction.

1.All session will be conducted in English.
2.The maximum number of participants are 40, so if the total numbers of applicants exceed 40, we cannot accept the application.
3.We will take the pictures and video throughout session, and we may use it on SNS or HP.

Sun Oct 18, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM JST
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